Skunk Exclusion Funnels

Skunks are unique-looking mammals that are found in North and Central America. Their huge black and white bushy tails are quite a sight. They may be cute and interesting to look at, but they can also be a terrible nuisance and dangerous for you and your pets.  Skunk spray can cause nausea, vomiting and in rare cases, anemia in cats and dogs. Young children can also catch diseases from the adhesive spray. If skunks have been coming in your garden and burrowing through your rubbish, then the best method for you to get rid of them is a one-way exclusion funnel. This allows you to get rid of the animal without trapping it. It saves you from the issues of relocating wild animal or dealing with their carcass. 

What is a one-way exclusion funnel?
A one-way exclusion funnel is made of netted steel. It has flanges or wings on one side. Once the door swings open, it shuts behind the animal and the animal cannot get back in. It also has a torsion spring so that the door flaps back every time, so it can be used to get rid of a large number of skunks. 

Where can the one-way exclusion funnel be used?
One-way exclusion funnels or doors can be installed anywhere you have a skunk problem. If skunks are nesting in your attic or basement, or if they are in your shed, under your porch, or if they have gotten into your garden from under the fence, the funnel can be installed at the skunk's entry points. For this, you must spend some time investigating where the skunks have gotten in from. 

How do I find the skunks entry points?
Look for holes in your fence/hedges, cracks in your cement and open pipes. The holes will not be too difficult to find as skunks are pretty large. Seal all holes with netted steel so skunks cannot get through, except one main hole. 

How do I install the one-way exclusion funnel?
You must fit the funnel in firmly in the main hole. Buy a funnel the size of the hole, or block the empty areas on the sides with stone or metal. Then sit back and relax, as one-by-one the skunks disappear. However, make sure that there are no babies left behind. If a mother has been nesting in the area and she gets trapped outside. She will tear your house down trying to get back in! If you know that there is a nest, it is best to call a wildlife professional to deal with the skunks. 

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